Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saving Money - Living Frugal

Did you know that shampoo & conditioner can save you money? I have recently discovered that there is no need to buy body wash, shaving gel, or leave in conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner are multi purpose. You can use your shampoo for body wash and shaving gel, and you can use your conditioner as a leave in detangler. Just get an empty spray bottle and fill half with conditioner and half with water and shake it up. This will dilute the conditioner enough to use it as a leave in - detangler without weighing hair down.  If your anything like me you know that you go through conditioner twice as fast as shampoo. This can be a simple money saving technique because you won't have to buy shaving gel, body wash or leave in conditioner any more. Not to mention that you wont have any unused shampoo either.

I used to spend:

$ 4 body wash
$ 3 Shaving foam
$15 Sugar Scrub
$25 Shampoo/conditioner
$18 Face Wash
$10 leave in conditioner

For a grand total of  $75

I now spend:

$0 Body wash
$0 Shaving foam
$5 Sugar Scrub
$8 Shampoo/conditioner
$18 Face wash
$0 Leave in conditioner

For a grand total of  $31

I used to use wen to cleans my hair and it was really amazing, but I recently went back to herbal essence and it seems to be working just fine. I love the scent that it comes in and that's whats appealing about using it as a body wash as well. It lathers up really well on my sponge to wash my body and I have had no problems using it to shave my legs. Not to mention the price difference. I save money by making my own body scrub and it works better than most of the expensive brands I tried. Click here to see the post on Making your own sugar scrub. So I no longer pay for body wash, shaving foam, or leave in conditioner because you can use shampoo and conditioner to do all three. I still use my Mary Kay Time Wise Facial Cleanser  because I cant find anything that compares to how well it works.  I have sensitive, oily skin as well as rosacia, Mary Kay is the only cleanser that I have found that helps tone down my redness. So I guess that is my one splurge!  :) Feel free to leave comments about how you live frugal! :)


Monica said...

Good ideas! Istarted saving a lot of money on beauty products when I began using coupons a couple of years ago.

lynda wiggins said...

I have tried using coupons but it hasn't done us much good. We buy generic most of the time and the coupons don't seem to save us money. We can just get name brands for the same price as the generic. We don't have a lot of store options here in Austin though. I think if we had a fry's or Krogers we would do better :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

It's definitely better to have fewer products! I spend less on shower gel than on shampoo, though, so for me it's better to use shower gel as shave gel :)

lynda wiggins said...

Rachel, I agree its kind of nice to only have three bottles in the shower :) And body wash works for shaving gel to, I used to do that for a while myself :)


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