Sunday, August 4, 2013

Diy - Make Your Own Elastic Jeans

Who said that the kids are the only ones that can enjoy elastic in their waistband? I saw this tutorial on pinterest from a while ago and just had to try it. It worked perfectly and my pants are so comfortable. They don't slide down, I don't need a belt, and best of all I have no gap in the back. Not to mention that when your wearing them you can't even tell they are gathered! So here are the steps to get more comfortable and better fitting jeans. 

Start by pinching the inside of your jeans were you want the elastic to come through. Make sure you only have the inside lining . Cut a small hole just wide enough for the elastic to fit through.

Put the seems together and match up the other side. Pinch again and cut another small hole for the elastic to come through on the other side. Be very careful that you don't cut all the way through your pants. You only want to grab the inner lining. 

This is what it should look like when you have cut both sides

Grab a metal coat hanger and use wire cutters to cut the bottom into a long piece of wire. Then use plyers to make a small loop on the top. Hint you may need your hubby for this part ;) Mine husband cut this for me :)

Then attach your elastic to a safety pin and attach the safety pin to your loop in your metal wire. 

With the loop going through first start feeding your elastic through your waistband. 

This is what it should look like when the elastic is fed all the way through both sides. 

Sew a button right before the opening of your jeans and repeat on opposite side. This was a little tricky for me you need to make sure you only sew the inner lining and don't go all the way through your jeans. 

Take the elastic and fold it in half.

Cut a small slit down the middle just big enough to pull over the button.When you are done with the first button. Place the elastic over the the button on the one side and try them on. Then you want to pull the other side of the elastic until it feels comfortable. Mark the elastic and take your pants off. Make the slit in the elastic were you put your mark and place over button. Cut off any extra elastic you may have and you are done! 

There you have it guys! An easy way to get better fitting jeans. So the next time your in a store and find some jeans you love that don't fit quite right keep this tutorial in mind! 


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