Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Healthy Life - Is Your Shampoo Dangerous?

Hi friends,
I hope every one is having a fantastic Wednesday. As some of you may already know I have been working part time with a company that provides supplemental insurance. One of their many products is Cancer insurance. I have learned a lot about the risk factors in every day life and It has prompted me to do some more research on my own. The things I have found have made me more aware of these risk factors, and our family has started makings some changes. It is unbelievable how dangerous every day products can be! You can check out this article on the dangers of shampoo Heathline - cancer causing chemicals found in 98 shampoo's

One of the best resources I have found is called skin deep. They are a website that will show you the dangers of common products and why. After some research I found a lot of our household products to be unsafe. So I started going to health food stores, I thought hey these products must be safe right, WRONG! Check out this link from skin deep about the health hazards of this natural conditioner skin deep natural conditioner. Remember just because it said natural or organic doesn't make it safe!

What I decided to do was to find the main culprits and try to stay away from them. I try to avoid things like laurel sulfates, paraffin, parabens, phthalates,triclosan,and formaldehyde. Trying to go shopping and look at every ingredient that I can't read or understand is just to overwhelming. Specially when your in the store with the kiddos. Here are a few links that will help you know what to look for, and you can decide for yourself what to stay away from:  Dirty Dozenmore on risky chemicals  

I really like desert essence which still has its concerns, but I'm happier knowing most the concerns are from possible irritation, and allergy (skin deep desert essence) than something like (this shampoo) that's risk includes cancer. Just gotta pick your battles unless you make it yourself!

Hair care products are just the tip of these ice berg guys. I will continue to update you on things I find to keep you informed :)
Look for my next post that's coming very soon 
Dangers of  Fluoride 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Textbook Savings With Amazon

I have been in school pursuing my medical assisting degree for about a year and a half now. I have had a lot of books that my school will buy back, but they do not offer much money. I have discovered amazon and they have been amazing. The process to sell your textbooks back to amazon is very simple. They allow you to print out a free shipping label, so there is no cost to ship your books back. Most of the time I get a pretty good amount for my books as well. I get much more in returning to Amazon then I do with my school and local book stores. 

You can also buy textbooks from amazon. I purchased a text book a few months ago for $4 plus shipping! I think the whole order was about $7. My school was going to charge me $ 65 for the same book! So if your a student you need to look into the textbook buying and selling options from amazon. It really has made a big difference for me.

Free Shipping With Amazon

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Recycling A Cardboard Box

From This

To This 

 What you will need is a box, duct tape, and spray paint.

Spray paint your box any color you like and use the duct tape around the top to finish it off. You can either cut the top tabs off or bend them in and tape them down to provide more strength. Very easy project for pennies on the dollar. I needed a box for my kids lego's and this cardboard box was a perfect size for their entertainment center so I decided to make it work. We used black spray paint with a hammer finish and white duct tape to match the curtains I made them. I think it turned out pretty good :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Healthy Food - Easy Snack Ideas

Healthy Easy Snacks For Kids

Have you ever tried frozen grapes? Grapes are a healthy way to get your sweet craving satisfied without all the calories! Living a Healthy life style is better with frozen grapes. We do weight watchers and fruit is free! So this simple tasty treat is a perfect the whole family. I freeze grapes all the time and it definitely helps curve your craving. I eat them year round but they are best during the summer months. My kids love them to They eat frozen grapes and we also freeze low fat Greek yogurt in Norpro Ice Pop Maker molds. These I have found to be the best because you use Popsicle sticks and the yogurt will stay on them. Most of the other molds we tried did not keep the yogurt on the stick. When we tried to pull them out of the mold the sticks pulled out and left the yogurt in the mold. _____________________________________

I was rushed for time today and the kids were hungry and wanted pizza but we didn't have any. I however was able to throw together some English muffins with marinara sauce, Monterrey jack cheese and pepperoni. I toasted the muffin, put all the toppings on and threw it in the microwave for 30 seconds ( until cheese is melted). You could also crisp them in a toaster oven or conventional oven. Homemade healthier pizza bites! I'ts always great when you stumble upon healthy eating ideas for the kids.Try them and leave me a comment to let me know what you think. As always if any of you healthy moms out there have suggestions we would love to hear them!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Diy - Making Melts From Tea Light Candles

I love using my melter, but I often find the scent I want is only made in candle form. So I found a way to make melts using any tea light candle. Follow these three easy steps to make your own melts.

1. Pull the tea-light from the metal base by pulling it out by the wick.
2. Use a pair of scissors to remove the wick from the bottom.
3. Break up the tea-light and place in your melter.

The candle will melt just as the melt cubes will and will provide lots of fragrance in your room. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Diy - Hair barrettes under $2.00

Diy Hair Barrettes

In case you haven't noticed we spent the weekend making hair accessories! It has been so much fun for Shelbi and I. She was so excited to make these with me. I love spending this quality time with her. Now to find a project for Matty so he doesn't feel left out lol.  I think we are gonna jazz up some magnets here soon and I'll post them for you guys when were done! 

What you will need

Hair clips - Michaels craft store $2.50 for a 6 pk
Hot Glue or Elmers Glue $1.00
Buttons - We found ours at Michaels for $1.99 for 20 pk 

So we spent 5.49 + tax and I can make 3 pairs of barrettes = 1.83 a pair :)

Take your Clips and glue on the buttons. Yup I know very simple tutorial today :) Have fun guys, I would love to see what hair accessories you guys have made so leave a comment and share with us! 

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Diy - Make Your Own Bows And Headbands

I wanted to make some headbands for Shelbi because the store prices are insane! She just had her 6th birthday and when we were looking at headbands I was surprised how much they were. So we went to Michael's and bought a three pack of plain white headbands for $2.49, Pink and white ribbon for $1.99 each, And a box of jewels for $1.99. I already had hot glue, needles, and thread, But all in all these will cost me about $2.50 a piece instead of $8.00 like I saw in Claire's. 

Take your ribbon and cut  small pieces, I used five, but you can use as many as you like. 

Bring the ends together

Pinch it in the middle

Now here you can hot glue the middle and pinch together to bind or do what I did and run a needle and thread through the middle to connect. My ribbon was very thin and I was concerned the hot glue would burn me. You can make as many of these as you want to layer your bow, I used five in this one. Three pink and two white. 

After you have all your pieces made you will want to start connecting them in an X pattern on top of each other. I apologize for the following photos, my originals did not upload properly so I had to make some new ones real quick, but they are just being held by tape. These are just to show you  how to layer so disregard the tape in the middle. 

Place your first piece horizontally and put a dot of hot glue in the middle, then place your X pattern on top. Make sure you are putting hot glue in between each layer. 

Then place your next layer in a cross pattern on top of the other layers. Once again hot gluing in between

Then hot glue your jewel in the middle of the cross :)

I got the idea for the headbands from Titi Crafty One of my favorite blogging friends. You can see her tutorial here on how to make this into a headband. 

This is the finished product from the one make with ribbon. 

This was another one I made for her using the same technique, But this one is made with duck tape and ribbon. 

I wrapped the headband with duck tape. I would recommend the tape be a very busy pattern so you wont be able to see the seams. For the bow I layered ribbon and duck tape. For the center part that's duck tape just fold the tape over itself with the sticky part inside so it sticks and cut two equal rectangular shapes. Then continue the same way you did above but adding a matching button instead of a jewel. 

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Diy - Make Your Own Elastic Jeans

Who said that the kids are the only ones that can enjoy elastic in their waistband? I saw this tutorial on pinterest from a while ago and just had to try it. It worked perfectly and my pants are so comfortable. They don't slide down, I don't need a belt, and best of all I have no gap in the back. Not to mention that when your wearing them you can't even tell they are gathered! So here are the steps to get more comfortable and better fitting jeans. 

Start by pinching the inside of your jeans were you want the elastic to come through. Make sure you only have the inside lining . Cut a small hole just wide enough for the elastic to fit through.

Put the seems together and match up the other side. Pinch again and cut another small hole for the elastic to come through on the other side. Be very careful that you don't cut all the way through your pants. You only want to grab the inner lining. 

This is what it should look like when you have cut both sides

Grab a metal coat hanger and use wire cutters to cut the bottom into a long piece of wire. Then use plyers to make a small loop on the top. Hint you may need your hubby for this part ;) Mine husband cut this for me :)

Then attach your elastic to a safety pin and attach the safety pin to your loop in your metal wire. 

With the loop going through first start feeding your elastic through your waistband. 

This is what it should look like when the elastic is fed all the way through both sides. 

Sew a button right before the opening of your jeans and repeat on opposite side. This was a little tricky for me you need to make sure you only sew the inner lining and don't go all the way through your jeans. 

Take the elastic and fold it in half.

Cut a small slit down the middle just big enough to pull over the button.When you are done with the first button. Place the elastic over the the button on the one side and try them on. Then you want to pull the other side of the elastic until it feels comfortable. Mark the elastic and take your pants off. Make the slit in the elastic were you put your mark and place over button. Cut off any extra elastic you may have and you are done! 

There you have it guys! An easy way to get better fitting jeans. So the next time your in a store and find some jeans you love that don't fit quite right keep this tutorial in mind! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

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